The Clearanswer solution

Customers want fast and available contact with the businesses they deal with.

 They want immediate answers to questions.

Confidence that complaints are being managed well and a resolution will be met.

Slow and unreliable customer services are frustrating for customers and unproductive for your business. They lead to lost sales, customers and reputation. Making customer services work well is an incredibly skilful job that most businesses and organisations will find hard to achieve consistently – at least not without major investment in people, resources, training and IT. Clearanswer provides the best skills with the experience and expertise, combined with advance tools and management, while removing high risks of failure. This level of customer service delivery is often out of the reach and budgets for most consumer services businesses.

We have invested in developed and are continually evolving the most advanced customer contact infrastructure. From this, we can manage all your inbound and outbound customer contact processes.

We believe that there is no other customer contact facility capable of delivering the complete around the clock attention to customer detail that we can.

  • Industry-leading customer management
  • Scalable services
  • High and measurable return on investment
  • IT, tools and process reliability
  • Fast complaint resolution
  • Rapid customer response
  • Improved brand reputation and customer loyalty
  • Highly secure IT infrastructure and customer data protection
  • The highest customer service levels in your industry