Example campaigns

Inbound sales conversion

Clearanswer now handles in excess of 3 million inbound sales calls per annum from customers and potential customers throughout the UK for a leading FTSE 250 company. 

Calls are generated from both customers and prospective customers by a variety of marketing initiatives including direct mail, TV advertising, national press advertising and communication inserts. Clearanswer now handles around 85% of all inbound sales calls for this market
leading company by continuously and consistently outperforming the other agencies employed by our client in both sales conversions and sales per hour. So if you require an inbound sales line look no further than Clearanswer for outstanding results.

Inbound customer service

Clearanswer handles in excess of 1 million inbound customer service calls for a large household named blue chip company. The enquiries are varied and include billing queries, technical support and general advice. 

Clearanswer aims for first time call resolution by having our agents ‘own the customer’ and handle their enquiry efficiently and professionally to achieve customer satisfaction. Whilst the customer is satisfied with the outcome of their initial enquiry, Clearanswer’s agents discuss with them their current service. They then utilise the approach that all customers deserve the best, and the best value is normally to be found in taking the top service and additionally inform the customer of our clients’ other offerings that may benefit them. This approach has led to Clearanswer achieving a sustained success rate of 41% for up sales/ cross sales against all their customer service calls. So, if you require exceptional customer service with the added benefit of utilising every interaction with your customer as a potential sales opportunity then look no further than Clearanswer.

Cross selling and launching a new product

One of Clearanswer¹s clients, a leading FTSE 100 company launched a new product for its existing 9.35 million customers across Great Britain and Ireland. 

Based on our long-standing relationship, Clearanswer was selected to run the pilot sales campaign and after achieving great success with this pilot our client decided to turn this into a permanent product and campaign with Clearanswer as the main sales channel. So if you are considering launching a new product or service Clearanswer will provide an expert solution for your needs.

High value Business to Business sales

A national sporting venue approached Clearanswer to help them sell extremely valuable seats and boxes within their stadium.

Clearanswer¹s B2B team would contact businesses to explain how the seats and boxes represented a sound investment; they could be used as a way of entertaining clients, a staff
perk or incentive, a way of generating new business and developing new opportunities as part of a marketing and sales promotion. An appointment was then made with a senior sales executive or director of the venue to visit and finalise the agreement. Clearanswer currently has over 50 agents dedicated to various B2B projects. Clearanswer is able to provide a more intelligent way of using the telephone as an effective marketing tool to benefit your business.

Field sales verification and order entry

Clearanswer provides an on-line order entry and field sales verification service for a number of direct field sales forces.

Once a field sales consultant secures an order they ring us to verify the customer’s bank details, order details and address. Clearanswer speaks directly with the customer to confirm their understanding and commitment of the order and once confirmed we process the order directly into the appropriate order system. This verification provides an audit trail and fulfils compliance obligations by the telephone conversation being recorded. As well as improving service levels and efficiency it also has been proven to cement the commitment of the customer by receiving a sense of security by feeling involved in a professional, immediate order process. Clearanswer handles in excess of 500,000 inbound sales verification and order entry calls per annum. So, if you require an order line or a customer helpline, Clearanswer has the solution for your requirements.