Our team

Each client brand has a team or teams dedicated to delivering the customer contact services that are essential at every point of the customer relationship. From enquiring about services, taking them out, managing payments and when required, resolving complaints – fast, efficiently and always with the customer satisfied that we have presented them with the best result.

All customer contact teams are purpose-built to ensure it has the range of skills and scope of experience needed to keep customers happy and to maintain the value of the brand they are representing.  If we need to recruit to ensure we meet this balance then we will recruit!

Before any new customer contact consultant becomes customer facing, they are given the training they need to ensure they have the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to do the job well.

A confident, friendly voice and a helpful team have helped Clearanswer earn its reputation for excellent customer service.

On-going training, mentoring and career progression

At Clearanswer we recognise the value of professional and personal development. We know that someone can only be completely satisfied if they are recognised and fully equipped with the skills and information they need to be successful.

Our training programme, referred to internally as the ‘centre for excellence’, has been designed to support staff and to encourage them to progress at their own pace, completing training courses and modules as they might do at college. We also value one-to-one support.

Our induction programme introduces all new starters to the Clearanswer business, its ethos and to the services we deliver. We explain how their allocated client brand and job function fits into this, so from the beginning, they understand just how vital their role is to the end-to-end customer service process.

Our mentoring programme allocates each team member to a manager. This ensures that all their training needs are met and that they progress through their training programme.

Career progression. We find that some employees find their niche early on and others who are keen to progress to become team leaders, managers or to move into different departments and job functions within the business.

Staff retention and loyalty. We genuinely believe that we select the best people at the recruitment stage and we are keen to retain the best! Our continued growth and variety of career development opportunities means we are able to keep the people we most value long term.

Our continuous training, career opportunities and reward programmes are key to this loyalty and our clients benefit from the continuity of service that this brings to their own customer management and contact services.