Our value proposition

Why outsource and use Clearanswer?

  • Improved customer satisfaction: efficient contact handling processes by highly trained and experienced call agents, cutting edge technology and a greater focus on understanding customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • Higher performance: highly trained call agents will exceed your current targets and enhance customer loyalty across all services.
  • Reduced OPEX: eliminate the time and cost of recruitment and training. Cut legislative costs of National Insurance, holiday pay, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave. Better utilise HR department.
  • Reduced CAPEX: remove cost of IT and office equipment and contact centre premises and fixtures and fittings, freeing up money for development of new revenue generating services, solutions and / or products.
  • Focus on core business strengths: outsource customer contact handling and back office functions to free up key people to focus on what you do best.
  • Improve scope and quality of customer service: benefit from experience and range of services offered by customer contact specialists; extend operating hours, easily meet seasonal demands, introduce cross selling, win back, verification and online order processing to complement existing resources.
  • Benefit from the latest technology: have access to the latest tools and technology as it becomes available. Include multi-channel and social media monitoring otherwise beyond your budget or skill set.
  • Introduce tactical campaigns: use Clearanswer to undertake short-term projects including DRTV, without impacting core business functions or impacting on-going marketing activities.
  • Crisis management: ability to respond quickly to crisis events, either impacting client businesses or communities.
  • Maximise customer satisfaction: provide customers with the customer experience they expect from your brand and ensure that all communications are management well with next-steps or outcomes clearly defined. Even if it is not the result the customer wanted, if it is handled well and efficiently any potential damage to reputation is reduced and often, eliminated.
  • Higher performance: well-managed customer contact will result in business, operational and revenue improvements.