The journey between Clearanswer and TalkTalk Business
- how our relationship has developed  

Our key achievements - headline figures and key messages  

The plan for the future - how we continue to develop our relationship and grow the business




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On average we are offered 5,104 calls per month with an abandon rate of 2.7%.



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On average we are offered 3,987 calls per month with an abandon rate of 1.9%

Fizzback comparison by site


We closely monitor our Fizzback results to ensure all our agents are performing at a high level, across all of our campaigns we consistently hit over 80% every month and in the past 2 months we have finished on over 90% positive feedback.


Overall eClerx by month


In February this year we were given a target of 85% compliance score from eClerx, since having this target we have successfully achieved over 85% every month.


SME story so far

SME perfomance to date


Since the start of July we have generated 252 leads, there are 3 main areas we have focussed on in order to generate these opportunities:

  • Outbound events that are assigned to the agents to cold call and generate the interest
  • Inbound calls that we receive on SOHO, the agents identify if the customer requires a SME service then passes the call to our SME agents to qualify the lead.
  • Inbound retentions calls, the customer is calling to cancel their existing SOHO service however the only reason they are wanting to cancel is due to the fact that their current package does not match the customer’s needs, again this is passed to our SME agents to qualify the customer. 

Looking at the sales made so far against the closed leads, we have converted at 32.8%.


Customer Service


Across all of our campaigns we deal with a lot of customer service issues and aim to have a 1-call resolution for the majority of customers to provide the best support, the following are just a small selection of issues that we already deal with within our departments. 

  • Billing queries (we resolve the issue then call through to CS and have the credit raised)
  • Select services
  • Payment charges I.E. DD changes
  • Line moves
  • Complaints
  • Undelivered router  
  • Rejected orders 
  • Pre live queries 

In order for us to be able to assist more customers with the 1-call resolution theory we would need to be able to provide the following services, this would then reduce the amount of transfers back out to customer services:

  • Issue call bars on the line (Only ALI can do this)
  • Check portal for line status (I have the facility to do this but the agents do not have access to portal_
  • Change billing address
  • Take payment 
  • Raise a cease in error
  • Setup my account logins if the customer is having issues
  • Check OMP for provisioning updates

Moving forward

Continue our journey to grow and develop our teams

Embrace the changes to the mobile campaign 

Successfully train all the agents on lightening 

Maintain and improve on the performance to SME 

Drive the results on our 1-call resolution



Customer feedback


“I just inquired about the government vouchers re upgrading to superfast broadband. I was taken through the whole process by Samantha Bower. Samantha explained absolutely everything, with a friendly but professional approach, every question I asked, she answered in layman's terms as opposed to general lingo. This girl is an asset, if she was up in Scotland, I'd employ her in a second."

Michael Graham, The Studio



“I called in this morning and spoke to Michael, who has subsequently arranged the fibre connection. Your efforts to date have been excellent. I really appreciate the time you put into keeping in touch with me. During this difficult period I had considered leaving TalkTalk. Your support dissuaded me from going down that route.”

Chris Sawyer, New Business Director, Alitex Ltd



“Hi there, I am a current customer with Talk Talk and recently had a very complex billing issue to resolve regarding moving properties in order to progress my business because of BT Openreach not providing us with the fibre optic for 10+ months.

With regards to taking the complaint on board I had previously spoken to 6/7 advisors over a 20 day period in order to get someone to acknowledge my email complaint sent in to a Mr Shaun Mccarthy as requested by an advisor. They informed me on every call that they would email this Shaun and get him to ring me back within 24 hours. This did not happen on several occasions.

After unsuccessfully attempting for an advisor to resolve or even acknowledge my request I came through to your advisor Sophie who I could not fault from start to finish she dealt with my complaint very empathetically and understanding all the point I had to get across, constantly keeping me updated with progress and even letting me know what she was doing throughout the whole two calls.

I would like some recognition to go to Sophie as out of around 10 Talk Talk staff she was the only one who took anything I had to say on board and being honest she has probably in one call saved you as a company a customer of 20 + lines. If Sophie hadn’t had dealt with my complaint the way she did on Friday and today I was going to make my next call to cancel all the lines with you from our company. With this being said I would just like to say well done you have a great member of staff there."

Regards, Kym Portnall”



Feedback about Georgina

Charlotte Hickey has just come off the phone to a Mr Paul Duncan having been passed over from Georgina.  The customer rang through to retentions wanting to cancel due to Fibre not been available in the area. Georgina listened to the customer and uncovered his needs and desires intently and advised he maybe best speaking to our SME  department to see if EFM is available. The customer wanted to know more about this solution so Georgina put the customer through to Charlotte in SME.
Charlotte went through the proposition with Paul and he agreed to go ahead with the EFM and Charlotte is signing the customer up later today.
Charlotte did say that Georgina had absolutely recommended the right solution to the customer having listened to what he needed and to give her a pat on the back.



Feedback abou Charmaine

Commendation for Charmaine Gibson is as follows; we were however, unable to retain this customer due to the customer’s poor experience with Technical Support.

“Good morning, May I first say that the lady Charmaine Gibson I finally ended up dealing with was most helpful, efficient and very, very polite. Had I have dealt with this lady at the very beginning, we may not be in the position of my company having no internet at the moment and yourselves losing a customer. Please pass on my regards to Charmaine.”
Kevin Hickey, Director, JCT Autocentre Ltd



 Commendation for  Josie

“Hi Josie. I really appreciate everything you have done for us today. As you know we have been a customer, originally with Steven Trent, for many, many years. Your approach and ‘can do’ attitude has been absolutely amazing and please accept my sincere gratitude. with this, your company will gain many happy customers rarer than leaving. I also know you are a business but please use every resource TalkTalk have to exit us from BT. The thought of me dealing personally again scares me. Beneath my signature (only to separate them) please find a copy email sent to BT.” - NFA