WHO we are

Clearanswer was set-up by and the business continues to be overseen and managed by Phil Marston and Steve Dunk.

Our experience in the customer management market means we can provide clients with clear, focused and relevant independent advice. The depth of our experience across such a breadth of consumer market gives us the confidence to challenge our clients and to offer alternatives to conventional thinking, rather than simply tell clients and therefore by default, their customers what they expect to hear. 

We develop strategies that work for each specific client and recommend customer service processes that protect the reputation of the business or organisation in increasingly competitive and regulatory controlled areas.

In addition to providing or managing the services delivered, we can also provide the training essential to building internal customer contact capacity within their own organisation. 

Our ethos is happy people – end-user customers, clients and staff!

Happy people are loyal and success is built upon relationships and reputation. We have clients who have remained with us through multiple acquisitions and agents who have been with us from the start of their careers, growing with their experience and the needs of the businesses they support, from trainees to management.